Thursday, February 24, 2011


Lately there are so many things going on. The riots in Egypt, then Libya. War in Afghanistan. The May flood in Nashville. The flooding in Brisbane,Australia. The shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, that also resulted in the death of others, including a nine year old. The collapsing of Beirut, Lebanon's government. The floods in Rio de Janeiro. The stampede that resulted in the deaths of 100 people in India. A major Earthquake hits Pakistan. The BP oil spill that not only killed lots of wildlife but interrupted a mass amount of peoples income. The Chile Mine disaster. I wonder what the future holds.

I am not a believer that the end of times are coming and that Christ will come to take all of his followers to Heaven. I don't believe that on December 21, 2012 the world will end. What I believe is that the world is full of Chaos. It is scientifically proven that the Earth is shifting. We have spent hundreds of years destroying the Earth for personal gain. Greed has completely taken over in a large number of people. Disasters are at an all time high. If the world ends, it will possibly be by our own doing. However, with the Earth shifting and the atmosphere changing, I believe that the landscape and make up of the Earth will change. The climates of many continents could drastically change. We rely on satellites for practically everything. What if the satellites are know longer sending signals. It is possible that there could be a huge magnetic hold on the Earth. Then what, we would lose all modern amenities. Without electricity, technology, would the average person be able to survive? These are all just What ifs but in the future it is possible.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another day in the neighborhood.

Today is a beautiful day. Snow coats the ground and it is just pretty. Unless you are one of the people stuck driving in it. I have friends that have been on the interstate for 6 hours trying to make a 10 mile commute home. I am so glad that I am at home and that Scott only works a 1/4 of a mile from our house. School is canceled tomorrow so i plan on sleeping in. Lazy, I know.

I have been dealing with Walgreens trying to get my medicine and that has stressed me out beyond belief. Finally, today I was able to get my meds. Geez, Louise. Direct Insurance is also pushing me to the limit. I agreed to a settlement for my car. Way less than I would have liked but realistically my car was 10 years old. Only had 30,000 miles on it but..... you know how that goes. I have been waiting on my check, that they "supposedly" have already mailed but guess what? I haven't got it. We are still in the process of the other claim for Scott's missed wages and his hospital bills. I am at the point that they are going to make me snap. This man ran a red light going like 40 miles an hour totaled our car and had the nerve to act like he was being inconvenienced having to wait for the police. Well, his car was still able to drive. Ours, totaled. Scott was hurt. Thank goodness for airbags though. They bruised him up but probably saved his life. All I know is this wreck could have been worse and I am thankful that it wasn't but we had one car, with low mileage, dependable and paid off. Now, we have had to get another car and in order to get a dependable car we now have a car note. Our insurance went up due to having a newer car. Scott had to miss a bunch of work and still hasn't completely recovered. He is scared to death driving and I this jerk could care less. I would feel horrible if I did something like he did. He could care less. What a jerk.

Oh well. I am just glad that Scott is going to be ok. He can get under my skin sometimes but after 14 years, we have made it through a lot. I know he loves me and I love him and I can't imagine not having him in my life.

Well enough sappy talk. I am off to enjoy the snow :-)